This year has been the most fabulous and exciting season..........

The Pee Wee Reese Division had a great season..........competitive and fun.  Pee Wee Reese is well on it's way to being the most competitive 12 year old league in the state.  The Pee Wee Reese State tournament was hosted by Rock Creek at Ravensdale Park in Sumner.  Rock Creek did a fabulous job and Ravensdale is such a family friendly park.  Thanks Rock Creek and Thanks to all the teams that participated in the end of the year State Tournament.

The 13's Sandy Koufax American and National Division's also had the most competitive seasons to date.  Two weeks before the conclusion of the season, there were 14 teams in the American Division playing hard to qualify for the 8 spots in the end of the season State Tournament.  After the dust had cleared, the final standings were clear for both Divisions and the Tournament was on.  Great games, fabulous plays, players totally committed to playing hard and with heart.  The 2014 Season will be the most competitive season..............with all these teams competing in the same division!.

The 14's Sandy Koufax Olympic and Cascade Divisions was incredible.  Many of the 14's Sandy Koufax teams had met other teams from other leagues in local tournaments......  and every time the Sandy Koufax teams came away victorious!  Without a doubt, the Sandy Koufax teams are the most competitive, and superior teams in the State. Every season, the competition becomes more fabulous than the season before...........there will be no exception when the 2014 season takes place

Congratulation to all the Pee Wee Reese and Sandy Koufax Teams this 2013 season.......                See you for the 2014 season for a superior and organized season................

Rijo Athletics wins 14's Sandy Koufax World Series in Bartlesville, Oklahoma


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