League History

Washington State Select Baseball League (WSSBL) began in the Pacific Northwest in 1985. The Sandy Koufax program, a member of the National program, American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC) was then and now the only select program in the state with a National affiliation. There were a total of 4 teams. The teams played each other several times during that first season. The state championship tournament included all 4 teams and the winner of that tournament went on to participate in the AABC Sandy Koufax Regional tournament in California.

The following season, WSSBL and the Sandy Koufax Division had a total of 7 teams. Select baseball was on its way. The Sandy Koufax league has grown at a rate of approximately 10% per year since that first season. In the beginning years, both 13 year old teams and 14 year old teams competed together. As the league grew, it was found necessary to separate the 2 age groups, forming the 13-year-old division and 14 year old division to compete amongst themselves for league play. The 14-year-old division has 2 leagues. The Olympic Division and the Cascade Division. Both divisions are extremely competitive. Both divisions have state tournaments at the end of the season. Both State Champions have the opportunity to participate in the AABC Sandy Koufax Regional’s.

The 13-year-old division has 2 leagues. The National Division and the American Division. These divisions are geographical. The National Division would include teams South and the American Division would include teams North. Both divisions are extremely competitive. Both divisions have state tournaments at the end of the season.

There are many goals for these great WSSBL Sandy Koufax players ……but to name a few, some of the expectations are to be ready and the best they can be for Varsity High School baseball and beyond. Many players graduate from their Sandy Koufax team and compete in the next level, Mickey Mantle and then onto Connie Mack. Many more receive college scholarships and from their, drafted onto Major League teams. The possibilities are endless for these gifted players.

The competition in Sandy Koufax baseball is incredible. Fantastic coaching as well as great management of teams. Most teams play in several tournaments during the course of the season. Going on to post season play, in a World Series or National Tournament is what most of the teams strive for. The commitment made from the coaches, parents and players to the team they are involved with is much more than simply playing the game of baseball. Loyalty, work ethics, sportsmanship, and many other facets of life make up WSSBL Sandy Koufax teams.